Viale Romania, 32 - 00196 Roma - Italy

Sentiti libero di contattarci!

To be honest, the erasmus semester here in LUISS was not on my list, it just happened unexpectedly. There was a form on the website, I filled it in, and the next thing I knew was I was chosen to go to Rome! A little surprised, a little excited, a little scared, but Rome makes everything worthy from the first day I arrived.

I am from Beijing, China, where most of you who are reading the passage may not visit lifelong, everything is so different from here in Rome, different languages, different people, different architectures, different lifestyles, for short, different cultures. I was curious about everything I saw for the first days. I hanged around Rome before school started, I took pictures everywhere, Piazza di Spagna is not just a piazza I’ve seen in a movie, the Colosseum is also not only alive on a book. Visiting those monuments that had been shown to me only once on pictures was an amazing experience for me. I was attracted by the ancient city. But I have to say, starting a new life in a new country is not easy, even if, fortunately, I’ve survived.


Hospitable Italians

I may never forget that day, I was getting on the train, someone turned over my bag secretly, when I found out, she had already taken some of my staff away, actually, I was ready to accept the fact I had been stolen, however, without expectation, the kind man next to me jumped down the train to trace the thief and got what had been stolen back by teaching the one a lesson. It is the man who made what I had lost much more valuable than it should be.

Thanks to the hospitable Italians, life becomes better and better. Knowing so little Italian in a country where English is not that prevailing, sometimes it’s hard to move anywhere, however, luckily for me, I met so many hospitable Italians who are always ready to help me out.


First impression on LUISS

Before coming here, I had read a lot about the university, but just as the saying goes, it is better to check it out on our own rather than hearing from others many times. Again different from the universities in China, LUISS is delicate although not that large in area, it won’t take long to walk around the campus, and the staff are really nice when they smile and nod at me greeting ”buongiorno!”. I like it when reading on the balcony with the wind blowing softly, I also like sitting on a swing and chatting freely with friends.

With several campuses, having classes means also travelling a lot from one side to another, but I was lucky to have rented an apartment really close to both viale Romania and via Parenzo. However, it can be a little annoying when you have to hurry from one class to another during lunch time, but, thanks to the school bus, there is still time for a piece of pizza.

“Hi” to the professors

Although I cannot sometimes understand their Italish(Italian English), I find the professors really nice and helpful. And I will definitely appreciate what they did for me, say, forever. I am a law student, legal system in Europe is quite different from the one in China, the construction is a little wired for me, and the treaties are really boring to keep in mind. Getting confused was quite usual for me at the beginning, luckily, the professors are patient to answer to any questions, even the simplest and the most stupid ones, again and again. I got the attached materials, the website, even the best bookstores from them, which are really useful.

They say you can never blame an Italian for being late, as it is their way of life. Classes are often a little bit late, it is not easy to adapt to it at first, but now I am enjoying it, I don’t have to rush from one class to another, especially when they are on the different campuses, I can enjoy a cup of coffee, sometimes I even have time to go to the mensa for a quick meal during lunch time. Speaking of coffee, therej are two things I cannot resist in Italy, one is coffee of course, the other one is the gelato! Italian gelato, no matter whether you like ice cream or not, you can not miss it! Really different from all the ice creams I had ever had before, it tastes the best! Okay, a little far away from the topic. Every coin has its two sides, some students may be mad at the professors for being late, but for me, it’s a good quality to take life easier. Therefore, as I am recommending, since you are here on an erasmus, then try to accept and enjoy everything you cannot change if you are not that satisfied.

Anyway, the professors in LUISS really make my life here easier and happier, believe it or not. Hope they will also be nice to my final grades.

The scary exams

I am not sure whether the oral exams are typical Italian things or just for LUISS, we don’t have this kind of scary exams anyway. It is not easy to prepare for an oral exam, I have to review everything I’ve learned during the whole semester, to read every page of the materials attached, sometimes, it can be thousands of pages only for one exam, maybe for only 5 to 10 minutes. I have to say, students here in LUISS are experiencing horrible times during exams. There’s no wonder why the reading rooms are always full.

Exams are coming, time to study!


Amazing Birthday Experience!!!

For all my life till now, this birthday in Rome has been the most meaningful one for me! I went to the disco dancing all night for the first time in my life with ESN, I traveled to Tivoli for the castles and waterfall with friends from Germany, I partied with friends from all around Europe during my birthday week. And the best part had to be the flag, an Italian flag with the best birthday wishes from the Italian students, I will always remember the moment when my Ele took the flag out after class, such a big surprise for me! I was so touched and moved and could not help crying out. The flag for me, is more than a gift, it’s a treasure, an invaluable one.

I make this as the last part of the article, but if it is possible, I hope there will be no end to our friendship.